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Happy New Year to all LJA Members and Lake Residents. We hope this finds you in good health and renewed prosperity. Due to the Pandemic problems and suspension of our yearly meeting in January we are contacting everyone to update you on the status of your association and the most recent efforts by your Board of Directors. We will try to reschedule the annual meeting at a later date, when and if a proper venue becomes available in the future. However, the Board has met quarterly this year (in homes) to continue business as usual.

Listed below is an update on topics and decisions made on your behalf throughout last year and into the beginning of 2021:

  • We have replaced 3 Board members (term limits) with 3 new members. Those leaving are Kevin Miller, Jane Livingstone and Jimmy Don Moore. Newly elected members are Gene Brumbelow, Vickie Lough and Mistie Sadler. Many thanks to our outgoing members for their 100% dedication and work over the years and we look forward to working with our newly elected group.
  • We are excited and looking forward to the new construction at the Concession area provided with the $1.5 million TPWL grant which the City has received. Relocation of the gas pump, second boat ramp, additional parking and added dock space are just some of the improvements that will be made.
  • Donation of $4000 this month to the ECVF for 2021
  • Donation to the City for the 2021 Fireworks show equal to last year's donation. The City has taken over the logistics of the show, however LJA remains as the sole source of funding for the event. We are the only donor. Thank you to our members and business donors for your continued generosity. We are the only reason the show goes on.
  • "Kids Don't Float" life jacket program continues for 2021. With the revamping of the concession area facilities, we are in contact with the City, regarding the future logistics for the program this year. We will advise you how you can participate later this Spring.
  • County Roads Rescue (CRR) donation for 2020 was $1000. We continue to support this animal shelter on behalf of the County residents on the Lake. They are also supported by local Vets in the area. We have included them on the web page along with ECVF and Fireworks for possible donations if you so choose.
  • We hope everyone saw our Christmas Parade Float, a beautiful new Pontoon Boat completely lighted from bow to stern.
  • We are aware of the possible sewage seepage from Bolton Street running down to the North end of the Lake for the last 6-9 months. We have been in contact with the City Manager and other officials about this. This is a larger City problem which they are well aware of and are fixing. They are testing the water as required.
  • There are at least two "rogue" buoys floating loose that we are aware of. As the weather and water warms up a little, these will be picked up and repaired.
  • We are still planning to have the traditional Memorial Day picnic, depending on the virus and any possible construction at the concession area, we will update you on this accordingly.
  • We have redone the LJA logo and it's visible on the top of the email & left corner of our website. T-shirts with our new logo in several different background colors will be available very soon at a nominal cost. We will let you know when available.

Finally, the Board would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and generosity which you give to us each year. If you have not renewed your membership for this year please do so by going to our website & under “Membership” click on “Join or Renew & Donate”. If you are not sure if you’ve renewed for this year, click on “Edit Member/Donor Info” to see the year your membership is paid thru. You may just click on “Donate” to donate to Fireworks and/or ECVFD and/or County Roads Rescue. We encourage you to talk to your friends and neighbors and encourage them to join also. I can assure you we meet and stay in touch with the City and will continue to advocate on behalf of all residents on the Lake to ensure that things are always done the right way.

Very best regards,

John Livingstone

If you prefer to mail your renewal payment, print the form you find at the link below, fill it out & mail it & your check to the address provided on the form.
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Check here often for action announcements. Meanwhile, lets enjoy, improve, and protect our lake.

Fireworks Fundraising Progress:

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