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Hello again to all of our LJA members and Lake residents. As we continue into 2022, here are the latest updates which we would like to provide to you.

  • The annual meeting successfully took place in January and the turnout was terrific. Some of the many items covered were our continuance of donating to the City Fireworks Show, Cherokee Co. Roads Rescue and ECVFD as in years past. We are always open to suggestions concerning any other charitable organizations that directly affect all Lake residents.
  • The City voters overwhelmingly approved the closing of Kiwanis Park and the sale of seven properties on that land to raise the necessary matching monies to receive the 1.5-million-dollar grant from TPWL. This grant now provides the city the funds to vastly improve and enlarge the Concession area with an additional boat ramp, docks, relocating the gas pumps, new improved bathroom facilities and many more items including additional funds for improvement of other current parks in the City.
  • We are in the final weeks of our soliciting donations for the Fireworks show on Monday July 4th. We ask that you please consider making a donation by clicking on "Donate" in the menu at the top of this page or mail your check to LJA Fireworks, PO Box 33, Jacksonville, Tx 75766. As always, we sincerely thank all of you who have contributed already & over the years which has allowed this spectacular show to take place each and every year.
  • LJA hats and T-shirts have been a big hit with everyone as evidenced at the annual picnic held last month for Memorial day. These items as well as LJA boat and Jet ski stickers are available to be purchased at Ebby Halliday Realtors (formally Homes & Properties). Stickers are free and hats/t-shirts are $20 each and available in several colors. Speaking of the picnic, we had a great turnout and sincerely thank Jay and Carol Hooker again for their work in putting it together. Our entertainment was provided by the Cherokee Charmers, and we thank Ms. Guidry and JHS for their participation.
  • And finally, I have to continue to thank Steve and Helen Keller as well as Chuck Renegar for the never-ending effort to pick up and clean up trash around the Lake. I'm sure there are many more and wish someone would notify me who they are so we can thank and recognize them. In the case of Chuck, I pass him almost every morning (early) as he continues his patrol along CR 3108. Rain or shine he's there. In conjunction with that, grateful thanks to Mike Traylor, Don Mckay, Chuck again and about 25 more neighbors along CR 3108 who have dogged the County Commissioner to repave our roads and make improvements. While not yet fully completed, their efforts have improved this long stretch of road markedly.

We appreciate the support that the members and residents have given us and will continue to try to represent your interests in the best possible way. We are grateful to live on this beautiful lake and will continue to work to keep it that way. If you have any suggestions or concerns you may contact any of the board members at any time. And as always, I have included my phone number and email for you to text or contact me directly.

Thank you again and have a safe and fun-loving summer.

John Livingstone, President LJA

Cell: 505-780-0068

You are invited to the July 4th Fireworks Show at Lake Jacksonville provided by the Lake Jacksonville Association. This event is the center piece of other July 4th events and activities around the area. The fireworks show is held every July 4th at about 9:15 p.m.

For additional fun & celebration, on July 4 at 10am please join us for our annual flotilla around the lake in your boat or barge/pontoon boat(decorated patriotically and/or festively is encouraged). It begins near the west end of the dam. Please line up as directed behind the Lake Patrol boat.

Donate to the Cause
The fireworks are funded entirely by LJA members donations and gifts from local businesses and individuals. We wish to thank all those who have generously donated to make this event such a success. However, raising that large amount of money each year to pay for the fireworks is always a challenge. We will appreciate your help by donating to this very special community event:

You can donate online or, if you prefer to mail, send your check to: LJA Fireworks, PO Box 33, Jacksonville, TX 75766. If your name & address are not on your check, please include that & your email address if you have one.

Fireworks Fundraising Progress:

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