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Upcoming Events
Members & Family be sure to attend our Memorial Day picnic 11:30 - 2:00 pm at the Lake Jacksonville concession area. Remember to bring a lawn chair for your use. We look forward to seeing you there.

Hello to all our LJA members and Lake residents. As we wind down 2021, we would like to update you, on issues and items concerning us as we head into a new and prosperous New Year.

  • Many thanks to the dedicated souls who continue to help pick up garbage around the Lake. In my neighborhood it is the relentless Chuck Renegar walking CR 3108 virtually every morning, covering well over a mile in each direction. I have mentioned Chuck before and will continue to do so. For those others who I do not know please send me their names so we can recognize them.
  • The Annual LJA Member meeting with be January 13, 2022, at 6:00 PM. We will meet at the Woodman of the World facility off College Street. Please help spread the word to members and non-members alike. In years past we have mailed out letters to try to increase our membership, however in the last 2 years there has been a tremendous turnover of homes with new owners. Everyone knows who their new neighbor is. Help us out, as I believe "word of mouth" is our best advertisement. Our Facebook and Website will issue you reminders before the meeting.
  • The TPWL $1.5 million grant is still going to happen, although delayed until the fall of 2022. As many of you know there are some issues with lot sales at Kiwanis Park to help fund the City's portion of the Grant. We will try to keep you updated. This is a major improvement to the City's concession area which is long overdue.
    • We are asking all residents to consider lighting up their boathouse and dock area for the Christmas season. For those old-timers, many years ago the Lake was decorated so much, that residents actually provided pontoon tours for city and out of town tourists. So many of you have already installed permanent lighting which has done nothing but enhance the Lake. Thank you for your efforts.
  • The Board approved a onetime donation of $1500 to County Road Rescue on top of the generous donations that many of the members have given when renewing your membership each year. This is our only outlet for pets illegally dropped around the Lake. The City pound won't take them. This has always been a terrible problem,(as I look at my cat who was dropped off at the end of our driveway). Special thanks to Donna and Gene Brumbalow for their tireless work with CRR.
  • We have been in contact over the last several months with the County concerning our deteriorating road conditions. While we have not received any satisfaction in this matter, it continues to be ongoing. Way too much to discuss, but I assure you it is not going to be dropped. It is and continues to be a BIG problem. We'll keep you updated.
  • LJA hats and T-shirts are available for $20 apiece at Homes and Properties. Great gifts for Christmas. (Thank you O.H., Jason, Vickie and Brenda)
  • We are working on LJA member stickers for your boats and large 3'X 5' LJA flags for dock flagpoles or conventional pole. Will let you know when they become available.
  • We will again have a gorgeous, fully lighted, and decorated boat in this year's Christmas Parade, Thanks, Katie, and many others.
  • Please make plans to renew your membership on or before our upcoming meeting in January and consider donating to Earls Chapel Fire Dept., County Roads Rescue and of course the July 4th Firewors show for next year.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank all the members for your continued support this past year, which has been difficult for everyone. The website has a listing of your Board members if you would like or need to contact them. My contact information is again listed below, and I can be contacted at any time. Merry Christmas to you and your families and may God bless you for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Finally, the Board would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and generosity which you give to us each year. If you have not renewed your membership for this year please do so by going to our website & under “Membership” click on “Join or Renew & Donate”. If you are not sure if you’ve renewed for this year, click on “Edit Member/Donor Info” to see the year your membership is paid thru. You may just click on “Donate” to donate to Fireworks and/or ECVFD and/or County Roads Rescue. We encourage you to talk to your friends and neighbors and encourage them to join also. I can assure you we meet and stay in touch with the City and will continue to advocate on behalf of all residents on the Lake to ensure that things are always done the right way.

Very best regards,

John Livingstone
505-780-0068 Cell

If you prefer to mail your renewal payment, print the form you find at the link below, fill it out & mail it & your check to the address provided on the form.
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Check here often for action announcements. Meanwhile, lets enjoy, improve, and protect our lake.

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