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Lake Jacksonville Water Quality


Lake Jacksonville water quality is good

Removal of Hydrilla Grass has changed the Lake Jacksonville water chemistry.

TCEQ is acquiring data at two locations in Lake Jacksonville. It is not recommended that LJA augment sampling and lab analysis due to cost and EPA required sample collection equipment and procedures.

  • Currently TCEQ Samples are planed to be collected every quarter at two GPS locations
  • Lab analysis is very expensive
  • TCEQ database is extensive
  • TCEQ lab procedures and criteria have been approved by EPA
  • TCEQ is extremely cooperative when contacted
  • Database is updated twice a year and a report for Neches Basin is produced every other year


  • Continue to monitor the Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Ecoli, Temperature, Chlorides, Sulfates, Transparency, and Fluorides biannually. (Recommended parameters to watch closely are Chlorides, Ecoli, Transparency, and Sulfates from the Dam sample site. Chlorides, Ecoli, Sulfates, Transparency, and pH at Upper Lake Jacksonville sample site.)
  • Monitor using days vs. pararneter plots to determine trends in the parameter data (TCEQ currently uses a 7-year geometric average-this masks identification of early trend changes)
  • Report at annual meeting Lake Jacksonville water quality data, unless rnid -year data indicates a negative trend, then report to TCEQ and City of Jacksonville as soon as identified

To see the complete 2016 Lake Jacksonville Water Quality Analysis Report prepared by one of LJA's caring, dedicated members click on this link:


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