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Membership Overview

The Lake Jacksonville Association (LJA) is made up of waterfront property and home owners/leaseholders with an interest in the quality and welfare of our lake.

We depend on member dues to support Association programs and advocacy activities. Member benefits include:

  • Free family picnic on Memorial Day.
  • E-Mailed newsletters to keep you advised of LJA programs and activities.
  • The LJA is also involved in the following programs:
  • Facilitating financial support for the local volunteer fire department, currently Earleā€™s Chapel VFD
  • Sponsoring the annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration.
  • Assisting with code enforcement through the Lake Watch program.

LJA By-Laws

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If you are reading this, it is because you have an interest in Lake Jacksonville. Those of us already "on the lake" want everyone to know that we welcome your interest, and want you to learn more about our "front yard." Our "common" front yard is 1350 acres, and 25 miles of shoreline neighborhood. Just so that you know, a few waterfront lake lots are owned outright, but the majority are leased from the City of Jacksonville for various terms ranging from 10-year leases to 99-year leases. Although the City of Jacksonville owns the lake, only about 20% of lake residents are actually within the city limits. The rest of us are in the county. The LJA is dedicated to all the lake residents, and the Jacksonville community, and we will do our best to represent you and to preserve the quality of life on the lake. You can also find more information about the LJA on our Facebook page.

The Lake Jacksonville Association

The LJA (Lake Jacksonville Association) is a corporation created in 1996 to represent the interests of residents on the lake. While some of us own our land, most of us lease our home sites from the City of Jacksonville, our landlord.

The purpose for which this Corporation is organized is:
  • to promote and protect the interest of the members;
  • to serve, when asked, as an advisory resource to all governmental agencies regulating the Lake Jacksonville properties;
  • to conduct various lawful activities for the benefit of the leaseholders; to discuss with the landlord all matters pertinent to leaseholders' interest, whether contained in lease agreements or otherwise; and
  • to generally promote and enhance the Lake Jacksonville area and leased grounds.
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